Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics

UCLA Neuroscience Genomics Core (UNGC)

The UCLA Neuroscience Genomics Core (UNGC) offers sequencing and array-based expression, genotyping and epigenetic screening services in the Gonda Research Facility on the UCLA Westwood campus. The UNGC is an academic resource available to UCLA neuroscience labs, affiliates and collaborators. Non-neuroscience labs can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Our full-service core facility offers a variety of next generation sequencing and library prep options for Illumina NovaSeq short read sequencers, template preparation and long read “HiFi” runs on the PacBio Sequel IIe platform and support for all Illumina Infinium based genotyping and epigenetic arrays on the BeadLab platform.

UNGC is directed by Dr. Nelson Freimer.

For cost estimates and information regarding all core services, please contact Joe DeYoung, the facility manager.





Gonda Research Facility, Room 3554
695 Charles E Young Drive South
Los Angeles , CA 90095


  • RNA library construction and sequencing (RNASeq)
  • DNA library construction and sequencing
    (Exome enrichment and whole genome)
  • Whole genomse genotyping using all currently available Illumina arrays
  • Whole genome methylation using Illumina Methylation Epic arrays
  • Custom array based snp genotyping using Illumina iSelect assays
UNGC staff, December 2023

UNGC staff, December 2023


The UNGC currently occupies approximately 1500s sq/ft of dedicated laboratory space in the Gonda research facility.

Installed capital equipment includes:

  • (1) PacBio Sequel IIe long read sequencer and access to (2) NovaSeq instruments
  • (1) Illumina LIMS capable iScan confocal laser scanner with Autoloader II automatic loading support capable of scanning all current Illumina beadchip formats
  • (1) Tecan Evo 150 robotic liquid handling platform with Illumina GTS and Infinium robot control software installed
  • (1) Tecan Evo 100 robotic liquid handling platform with disposable tip Air LiHa
  • (1)Tecan Fluent 780 liquid handler with disposable tip Air LiHa
  • (2) 48 place, temperature controlled beadchip processing T-Flow racks
  • (1) SciGene Little Dipper microchip processing robot
  • (1) Tomtec autosealer
  • (1) MJ Research tetrad 2 thermocycling system
  • (4) Eppendorf Nexus gradient PCR machines
  • (1) QuantStudio 3 RT-PCR machine

 Additional equipment includes:
  • (1) Covaris M220 nucleic acid shearing system
  • (1) Covaris R230 high throughput nucleic acid shearing platform 
  • (1) VisonMate SR 2D barcode plate scanner
  • (1) Agilent 4200 Tapestation
  • (1) Caliper Labchip XT nucleic acid size selection system
  • (6) programmable incubation ovens
  • (6) microplate heat blocks
  • (2) tabletop centrifuges
  • (1) Molecular Dynamics fluorescent microplate readers
  • (1) speedvac
  • (4) high capacity microplate shakers
  • (8) benchtop precision shakers
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